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From Expert AI to Snackable AI: A New Era in Pharma, as Seen by Sanofi’s CEO

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sanofi ceo paul hudsonIn a recent STAT article Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson discusses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical industry. While some in the industry have been hesitant to embrace AI, Hudson believes it can greatly benefit pharmaceutical companies. He highlights two approaches to AI adoption: “Expert AI” and “Snackable AI.”

1. Expert AI: This approach involves providing specialized R&D teams with advanced AI tools and technologies. These tools leverage massive computing power, machine learning, and trained algorithms to expedite the discovery of new medicines. Expert AI can analyze vast amounts of data to identify disease drivers and potential drug candidates, enabling pharmaceutical companies to target a wider range of diseases.

2. Snackable AI: Snackable AI focuses on making AI applications accessible to all levels of an organization. These applications capture and aggregate data from various departments, offering insights and recommendations for everyday decision-making. This democratization of data allows teams to make better decisions quickly, leading to more efficient resource allocation and better outcomes for patients.

Hudson emphasizes the importance of cultural and technological shifts within organizations to embrace AI fully. Leaders need to lead by example in adopting digital, data, and AI skills. Resistance to AI adoption can be overcome by demonstrating how it reduces menial tasks and enhances decision-making based on facts.

Ultimately, Hudson encourages pharmaceutical companies to embrace AI, as those who implement it effectively and quickly will gain a competitive advantage and drive progress in the industry.

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