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Billions of dollars in sales can evaporate overnight as drug patents expire and competitors enter the market.

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Finding the upside

DrugPatentWatch serves leading companies ranging from biopharmaceutical R&D to healthcare delivery, and has been cited by CNN, NEJM, Nature Journals, and many other leading publications.

We've helped large and small companies and governments around with world with projects such as:

  • Finding and evaluating business opportunities
  • Refining market-entry strategies
  • Anticipating loss of market exclusivity
  • Monitoring emerging competitors
  • Formulary management and budget projections

After years of maintaining DrugPatentWatch as a comprehesive analytics platform, we're making a distillation of cutting-edge information available to you as a daily newsletter.

Introducing the Daily Briefing

DrugPatentWatch has been publishing critical business intelligence since 2002, so we've learned what matters to you.

We've served hundreds of clients in more than 70 countries, including investment banks, big/small drug companies, payers, governments, and more…

It is from serving these diverse needs that the Daily Briefing was born.

The purpose of the Daily Briefing is to arm you with objective information so you can gain deep insights into gaps in the market and how they can be exploited.

In addition to our daily updates of patent expirations and other market-changing events, the Daily Briefing includes articles on topics like:

  • Valuation of Pharma Companies: 5 Key Considerations
  • Top 6 issues facing the biotechnology industry
  • Branded Generics: What They Are and Why They’re Profitable

Patents in 134 Countries

Readers outside the United States are covered as well.

The Daily Briefing leverages the robust DrugPatentWatch Business intelligence platform, which includes patent coverage in 134 countries.

In a single click you can see the international equivalents of each expired patent.

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We track inbound searches to DrugPatentWatch to help you stay on top of what's moving markets.

Find out what drugs, which companies, and what other content is most popular with our global audience, right now!

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