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Crucial Insights on Patent Litigation Strategies in Pharma Industry

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In the “Patent Effect” podcast, Mustafa introduces his guest, Hakan Yum, the IP Director of Exrain Pharma, based in Sweden. The focus of the discussion is on patent litigation strategies within the pharmaceutical industry, particularly concerning biosimilars versus generics and the complexities involved.

Hakan begins by distinguishing between generics, typically small-molecule drugs, and biosimilars, which are biologic generics, such as antibodies and enzymes. He explains that while the originator companies are the same for both generics and biosimilars, the development process for biosimilars is more complex, often involving the use of bacterial cells or Chinese hamster ovary cells.

The conversation delves into Exrain Pharma’s business strategy, including its pipeline products and commercialization partnerships. Hakan highlights the importance of identifying risks and filing oppositions against key patents to ensure market access for biosimilars.

The discussion also touches upon the top players in the biosimilar market, including Tava and Sandoz, and the challenges faced by biosimilar companies in navigating the intellectual property landscape to avoid infringement.

Hakan emphasizes the significance of having a robust patent portfolio and conducting thorough searches to mitigate risks and ensure market access for their products. He also shares insights into Exrain Pharma’s approach to selecting therapeutic areas, focusing on diseases with significant market potential.

The conversation concludes with reflections on the importance of defending against legal challenges from originator companies and the role of IP departments in pharmaceutical companies. Mustafa expresses gratitude for the insightful discussion, signaling the end of the podcast episode.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into patent litigation strategies in the pharmaceutical industry, underscoring the complexities and challenges faced by biosimilar companies in navigating the intellectual property landscape.

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