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Drug synonyms

Prior art search support

  • Exhaustive list of synonyms to aid in your patent searches
  • Clinical trial histories to support patent challenges
  • Find prior art in expired patents
  • Search for claims across all patents
Drug Sales Histories and Profiles

Refine Your Market-Entry Strategy

  • Assess market potential through historic sales figures
  • Evaluate buyer power with data on reimbursement segmentation
  • Align distribution methods with information on where and how drugs are purchased
Drug Patent Litigation

Get Confidential Royalty and Settlement Terms

  • Study failed patent challenges to develop a better strategy
  • Collect competitive intelligence by examining contractual disputes
  • Track litigation to anticipate early generic entry
Track 505(b)(2) entrants

Monitor 505(b)(2) activity

  • Anticipate 505(b)(2) approvals
  • Track OTC-switches, new formulations, and other drug improvements
  • Strengthen new formulation patents by studying prior claims and litigation
Drug Profile

Global Biopharmaceutical Business Intelligence

  • Identify and evaluate commercial opportunities
  • Branded and generic drug pipeline forecasting
  • Anticipate future revenue events
  • Identify API and finished drug product suppliers
Find Generic Drug Entry Opportunities

Find Generic Drug Entry Opportunities

  • Inform portfolio management decisions
  • Sector landscaping and due diligence
  • Track drugs in development and explore new indications for existing drugs
Drug Prices

Find and Evaluate Business Opportunities

  • Assess levels of generic competition
  • Use drug price ranges to evaluate price elasticity
  • Determine optimal prices before launch
Global Drug Patents in 134 Countries

Global Drug Patents

  • Drug Patents in 134 Countries
  • Evaluate branded and generic market opportunities globally

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Serving leading biopharmaceutical companies globally:

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