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About DrugPatentWatch

DrugPatentWatch was founded in 2002 and originally focused on meeting the needs of attorneys and investors seeking transparency around drug patent expiration dates. The scope of DrugPatentWatch has expanded significantly in the years since inception and use cases have expanded to healthcare payers, branded and generic manufactuters, and wholesalers and distributors.

Use cases for the database include:

  • Branded pharmaceutical firms seeking competitive intelligence
  • Generic and API manufacturers seeking knowledge of which drugs to develop
  • Wholesalers seeking advance notice of patent expiry to avoid over-stocking off-patent drugs
  • Healthcare payers seeking to project and manage future budgets

Different plans are available to meet the needs of these diverse audiences.

Revisions and Annual Editions

DrugPatentWatch incorporates data directly from the FDA, Patent and Trademark Office, and other US and foreign government sources. Each is updated as frequently as possible — often daily — providing you with fresh information.

For those seeking information on now-expired patents, annual editions provide historic archives of the state of drug patent expirations in each recorded year.

Database Coverage

DrugPatentWatch contains information on FDA-approved small molecule drugs.

Archived copies of the FDA Orange Book in PDF format are available in the Orange Book Archives.

For information on biologics see DrugPatentWatch's sister site,


DrugPatentWatch is developed by Yali Friedman, Ph.D.

Dr. Friedman is also publisher of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology and author of Building Biotechnology, which is used as a course text in dozens of biotechnology programs. He also serves as head of data analytics for Scientific American Custom Media, and was also named one of the 100 most influential people in biotechnology by Scientific American.

Dr. Friedman has strong exposure to leading issues in international biotechnology. He is editor of the Scientific American worldVIEW scorecard, a global biotechnology perspective profiling biotechnology industries and innovation capacity in dozens of countries, and has been invited to participate in biotechnology industry development forums for international groups such as APEC, in Europe, and throughout Asia.

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