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Frequently Asked Questions

For which countries does DrugPatentWatch have patent information?

DrugPatentWatch has patent coverage for the following countries and regional organizations:

African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) African Regional IP Organization (ARIPO) Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Benin (OAPI) Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana (ARIPO) Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso (OAPI) Cameroon (OAPI) Canada Central African Republic (OAPI) Chad (OAPI) Chile China Colombia Comoros (OAPI) Congo-Brazzaville (OAPI) Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Czechoslovakia Côte d'Ivoire (OAPI) Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea (OAPI) Estonia Eurasian Patent Organization European Patent Office Finland France Gabon (OAPI) Georgia, Republic of German Democratic Republic Germany Ghana (ARIPO) Greece Guatemala Guinea (OAPI) Guinea-Bissau (OAPI) Gulf Cooperation Council Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kenya (ARIPO) Latvia Lesotho (ARIPO) Liberia (ARIPO) Lithuania Luxembourg Malawi (ARIPO) Malaysia Mali (OAPI) Mauritania (OAPI) Mexico Moldova, Republic of Monaco Montenegro Morocco Mozambique (ARIPO) Namibia (ARIPO) Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger (OAPI) Norway Panama Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Rwanda (ARIPO) San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal (OAPI) Serbia Sierra Leone (ARIPO) Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Somalia (ARIPO) South Africa South Korea Spain Sudan (ARIPO) Swaziland (ARIPO) Sweden Switzerland São Tomé and Príncipe (ARIPO) Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania (ARIPO) The Gambia (ARIPO) Togo (OAPI) Tunisia Turkey Uganda (ARIPO) Ukraine United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Viet Nam Yugoslavia Zambia (ARIPO) Zimbabwe (ARIPO)

What kind of email alerts can I have?

Adding an alert is as easy as clicking the 'Add Alert' button beside any table of interest.

    Available alerts include:

  • Paragraph IV challenges
  • New drugs and added or expired patents per company
  • Added or expired patents per drug
  • Tentative approvals

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