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  • Analyze global market entry opportunities
  • Obtain formulation and manufacturing information
  • Drug patents in 130+ countries

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BioPharmaceutical Business Intelligence

  • Analyze global market entry opportunities
  • Obtain formulation and manufacturing information
  • Drug patents in 130+ countries

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What are the top Biopharmaceutical Business Intelligence Services?

A guide for portfolio managers, business analysts, formulary directors, and more…

Navigating the myriad service providers for biopharmaceutical business intelligence can be daunting.

Just like a Swiss Army knife, many biopharmaceutical industry professionals integrate a number of sources to serve their business intelligence needs. To help you narrow down your choices and build your custom intelligence stack, we have reviewed some of the leading services.

We present here an overview of some of the more mature biologic and pharmaceutical business intelligence services:


DrugPatentWatch was founded in 2002 and provides global business intelligence on biologic and small molecule drugs. More than 1 million patents and patent applications in 130+ countries are included. Use cases include identifing market entry opportunities and informing portfolio management decisions; identifying first generic entrants, and; finding prior art in abandoned and expired patents and applications.

Twitter: @DrugPatentWatch
Website: www.DrugPatentWatch.com


GlobalData provides data and insights into the global pharmaceutical market. Research solutions include clinical trials, epidemiology intelligence, and focused modules available across 14 key therapy areas.

Twitter: @globaldataplc
Website: www.globaldata.com/healthcare/research-areas/pharmaceutical


Tarius provides global regulatory information for Human Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, IVDs. They cover than 100 countries, regions and international organizations across the world.

Twitter: @tarius_
Website: www.tarius.com



Pharmaprojects presents end-to-end tracking of the global pharma R&D pipeline from bench to patient, including company development trends, global development status, and therapeutic class status. Use cases include tracking new molecular targets entering pipelines and in-and-out licensing activity. Pharmaprojects also links to Trialtrove’s clinical trial intelligence.

Twitter: @citeline
Website: pharmaintelligence.informa.com/products-and-services/data-and-analysis/pharmaprojects

BioCentury BCIQ

BioCentury BCIQ combines reports published by BioCentury with four relational databases: The Deal Analyst database contains deal profiles and updates; the Pipeline Analyst database presents licensing opportunities; the Financial Analyst database presents investment opportunities; the Company Analyst database provides detailed profiles and analysis of life science companies.

Twitter: @BioCentury
Website: www.biocentury.com/bciq-marketing/bciq

IPD Analytics

IPD Analytics forecasts new product entry, loss of exclusivity, and other competitive factors impacting product positioning and life cycles within healthcare and technology sectors.

Twitter: @ipdanalytics
Website: www.ipdanalytics.com


Cortellis provides information in three modules. Clinical Trials Intelligence covers trial designs, endpoints, combination therapies, and adverse events; Competitive Intelligence presents pipelines, deals, financials, forecasts, and company profiles, and; Regulatory Intelligence helps track regulatory changes, understand submission routes and local practices, compare regulatory requirements across countries, and conduct pre- and post-marketing pharmacovigilance.

Twitter: @Cortellis
Website: lifesciences.thomsonreuters.com/products/cortellis


AdisInsight publishes profiles of drug programs, clinical trials, safety reports, and company deals, "written by scientists." The datasets covered by AdisInsight include drugs, trials, deals and safety.

Twitter: @AdisInsight
Website: adis.springer.com


Medtrack provides data on pharma/biotech companies, products, patents, deals, licenses, and venture capital financing.

Twitter: @medtrack
Website: oneview.medtrack.com

Clarivate Life Sciences

Clarivate publishes content and analytics to support companies in diverse industries. For the life sciences Clarivate has intelligence solutions in the categories of Clinical & Regulatory, Competitive Intelligence & Business Development, and Discovery & Preclinical Research

Twitter: @clarivate
Website: www.clarivate.com/product-category/life-sciences


PharmaCircle delivers content, global insight, and analysis on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and animal health industries. Coverage includes research, development, regulatory, clinical, and commercial activities opportunities and make informed decisions.

Twitter: @pharmacirclellc
Website: www.pharmacircle.com

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BioPharmaceutical Business Intelligence

  • Identify first generic entrants
  • Uncover prior art in expired and abandoned patents
  • Drug patents in 130+ countries

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