Deep knowledge on small-molecule drugs

Instant access to actionable insights on pharmaceutical drugs

pharmaceutical portfolio management

Global FTO Analysis

Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Generics

Identify market entry opportunities and inform portfolio management decisions

Branded Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Assess past successes of patent challengers and elucidate research paths of competitors

Email Alerts

Set up watchlists for daily email updates

pharmaceutical forecasting


Discover Future Therapeutic Indications

Clinical trials listings and pending patent applications

Formulary Management

Anticipate future budget requirements and proactively identify generic sources

Identify First Generic Entrants

Tentative approvals and Paragraph IV listings

identify generic sources

Business Intelligence

Find Prior Art

Abandoned patent applications and expired patents

Buyers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

Predict branded drug patent expiration, identify generic suppliers, and prevent overstock of branded drugs

API Manufacturers

Obtain formulation and manufacturing information; identify final formulators, repackagers, and relabellers

international drug patents and SPCs

Global Coverage

Drug patents and clinical trials in dozens of countries

European Supplementary Protection Certificates

Take your data with you

Export data to Excel or CSV

Global Patent Coverage

Patent coverage in 130+ countries
Supplementary Protection Certificates

Intuitive Interface

Quickly filter and sort results

Email Alerts

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Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence

  • Anticipate P&T budget requirements
  • Check market entry opportunities
  • Find generic sources and suppliers
  • Predict branded drug patent expiration

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Globalization of Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation The structure and business of biopharmaceutical companies including the management of risks and resources Drug Topics Nature Biotechnology Business Insider National Bureau of Economic Research

Thousands of drugs from more than 1,000 branded and generic firms

Patent Applications



Bulk API Sources

Clinical Trials

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